Dog Training

………….Although I’ve been around dogs all my life I moved to Cornwall and had the opportunity to become more aware of the working breeds natural environment.

I watched a number of excellent working spaniels and decided to find out more.

I met Pia and her knowledge was extensive. Following some research I decided on an English springer spaniel.

Pia’s spaniel had a litter and I was fortunate enough to purchase a male from the litter that we both felt was the right one for me

With Pia’s expert training and guidance my spaniel and I got to grips with the training and loved it.

We then went on to doing tests and I’m proud to say, at four years old he has earned a number of awards topped by now becoming a Novice Champion.

I would like to thank Pia for the opportunity to have one of her spaniels and thank her for the past and ongoing training that has brought my spaniel and I to this level.

It has been a great experience and we both love every minute. We hope to continue enjoying the sport and raising to even higher achievements with the help of Pia.Brian Abbott.


………….our 3 year old Vizsla was ruling our house when a friend told us of Pia Birnie’s dog training ability. We took Daisy to meet Pia and in the first lesson Daisy was responding to her patient but firm handling. Within a few weeks we had regained control and the last 4 years have been a pleasure with a dog that is obedient, trained to the whistle and a joy to own. We would urge anyone owning a lively dog to take advantage of Pia’s undoubted skills.Bev and Hilary Knights.
…………… I have always had a dog but never an eight week old puppy. However, with Pia’s help and advice, my lab x springer has developed into an enthusiastic gundog and a mannerly pet. Although only partly trained at 18 months, he continues to progress under Pia’s firm, no-nonsense approach and is a joy to own.Jill Philp.

Dog Breeding

After getting our first Vizsla, Lenci, from Pia, we knew that when the time was right for another Vizsla we would have one from her. We have become friends with Pia and her family and find them most welcoming whenever we visit. We never felt pressured into having a puppy from Pia and when we were ready for number two she was on hand with lots of help and advice about choosing one.

Knowing our family set up and what we wanted the puppy for, Pia, unlike many breeders, allowed us to choose the puppy we wanted with her guidance. We had a lovely time with all the puppies out in the garden, playing with them and getting to know their characters.

Pia has always been very helpful with advice about feeding, training and any type of dog care without overloading us with information. She has the experience and understanding of the breeds of dogs she works and produces.

Pia is always on hand to answer any questions and I would thoroughly recommend her as a dog trainer and breeder to anyone.Emma Willson, Clive Jenkins, Lenci and Islay.