I qualified to microchip back in 2006 with the Pet Chip Company.

The pet-detect microchipping solution gives you peace of mind!

  • quick, low cost, permanent identification
  • pain free and safe in the comfort of your own home
  • tiny inert chip – cannot be altered or lost
  • registered with Petlog, the national database
  • required for travel abroad
  • fully qualified and insured
  • am very happy to do individual animals or whole litters

CSJ Dog Food

I have been stocking CSJ Dog Food for about 8 years now, which I  and my dogs, are very pleased with.

I only stock a small variety of their large range but I can easily order another feed if that is what you would like. I stock the following

  • Adult Champ
  • Little Champ ( puppy )
  •  Old Champ
  • Sooper Dooper Champ
  • Fit and fast
  • CP 21
  • CP27 ( puppy )
  • Salmon oil
  • Herbs

Please do look at their website for further information and do not hesitate to either contact them or myself.