About us

We are Conrad and Pia Birnie from Coombe in Cornwall UK. Our Kennel Club affix is Gamesika which is used as a prefix on the names of the pups that we breed.

My ( Pia ) love of dogs started at an early age, I grew up with them but also started to help my neighbour who was a shepherdess when I was about 9 years old and was so taken with how well her collies worked. I later became a shepherdess myself and hence trained and worked collies for many years. Around the same time I became involved with gundogs and learnt many things through going to the Chiltern Gundog Club. After a while I started to teach their puppy class and thoroughly enjoyed training the handlers on how to get the very best out of their dogs.  I have since moved down to Cornwall and now have a wonderful family but still continue training and working the gundogs.

My husband Conrad has also grown up in the countryside, he followed his dream and went into gamekeeping. He trained on a coastal estate in Suffolk and then went to Woburn Abbey, in Bedfordshire which is how we met. He was controlling the beating line while I worked my team of spaniels. Conrad has since left keepering and now runs his own Tree Surgery and Maintenance business but we still get out weekly to shoot and work our dogs and are hoping our children will soon be out there joining us.